Voting Rights


Representative Jasmine Crockett has been a national voice for voting rights at the state and federal levels. As a leader of the Texas Democrat’s quorum break to stop Abbott’s voter suppression agenda, Jasmine took this fight to DC and pressured members of Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights and Restoration Act and the For The People Act. Jasmine believes that our democracy works best when all eligible voters have access to the ballot and a meaningful opportunity to elect a candidate who truly represents the community. Unless we make strides in voting rights, we will never have the representation or courage to effect change across the country or move forward on the issues that matter most. In 2021, Jasmine filed over a dozen bills that would modernize, secure, and make our elections more efficient while expanding access to the ballot for every eligible Texan. Her voting rights package included bills to automatically register, register online, vote-by-mail for all eligible voters, drive thru and 24-hour voting.