Jasmine Crockett is a State Representative, Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney, proud lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and is running to be your next Congresswoman in TX-30.

Jasmine is ready to continue our fight and usher in the next generation of servant leadership in the halls of Congress and Washington, D.C.. She is proud of her track record in the Texas House and to have the endorsement of retiring Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and so many local leaders. Get to know the fighter, the legislator, the next Congresswoman from TX-30

“state Representative Jasmine Crockett Is Just The Person We Need at this critical Time"



When Texas Republicans tried to strip away Texan's voting rights, Jasmine fought back-in committee, on the House floor, and on the national stage. A lead architect of the Texas Democrat's quorum break, Jasmine built a coalition and helped convince her colleagues to head to D.C. to push for federal voting rights legislation. Jasmine used her voice and her platform to shine a national spotlight on the injustice in Texas.


When it came to voting rights, standing up for working families, passing meaningful criminal justice reform, and being a pro-choice champion-one voice stands out. Jasmine knows how to keep throwing punches when her back is against the wall, she's been battle-tested, and through it all she never lost sight of the people and she delivered. As the youngest Black member and the sole Black freshman during the 87th Legislative Session, Jasmine hit the floor running and lit a fire in Austin. She filed more bills than any other freshman member to address the kitchen table issues that are most important to everyday Texans. Jasmine was appointed to serve on the powerful Business & Industry Committee and the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Jasmine worked around the clock to build a coalition and gain momentum around critical reforms. Jasmine has passed bipartisan criminal justice reforms in the Texas House and is the only candidate in this race with a track record.

She is a founding member and Vice Chair of the Texas Progressive Caucus, and serves as the Treasurer of the Texas Caucus on Climate, Energy, and the Environment. Jasmine's efforts in the Texas House have earned her awards and recognitions including being named one of the most effective freshmen by Texas Monthly, Freshman of the Year by the Dallas Observer, The National Caucus of Black State Legislators, and the Texas Legislative Black Caucus. Jasmine’s efforts to protect voting rights have earned her a spot on the 2021 The Root 100 List of Most Influential African Americans. Jasmine has a 100% pro-choice record, pro-labor, gun sense, and climate friendly voting record.

Jasmine is the first Black female attorney to represent HD 100 and is the only candidate who currently represents constituents in District 30.


From the courtroom to the capitol, Jasmine has never lost sight of the people and has been a voice for thousands of Texans. Jasmine has represented over 5,000 Texans in court, including over 400 peaceful protestors whom she represented pro bono. She has served as a public defender before opening her own Civil Rights, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury law firm. Jasmine's high-profile cases include representing the families of Jacqueline Craig, Jordan Edwards, and numerous Texans who have faced injustice and brutality. Jasmine is the former President of the Dallas Black Criminal Bar Association and holds numerous leadership positions in the legal community. After growing frustrated with fighting one injustice at a time, Jasmine knew it was time to change the system of laws that perpetuated inequality in our community-so she laced up her boots and stepped up to run for office.


Jasmine was raised by her parents who instilled within her a commitment to serving the community. Her father is a teacher and preacher, and her mother has been a public servant her whole life as well working for the United State Postal Service. In college, Jasmine studied business and marketing, graduating from Rhodes College with a BA in Business Administration, but it wasn't until Jasmine witnessed discrimination on a large scale that she decided to change career paths and pursued law. She went on to study law at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law and the University of Houston Law Center. Jasmine has been a practicing attorney for over 15 years and is licensed to practice in Texas, Arkansas, and federal courts. Jasmine has served as a public defender and continued representing indigent clients in criminal courts her entire time serving in the Texas House.